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Let me start by saying that <b>this season looks a LOT like 2002</b>. We had the same record going into the same point of the season. If you recall, in 2002, we were 9-4 and <b>just had to WIN 1 OF THE FINAL 3 GAMES OF THE YEAR</b>. We got the first shot at Minnesota (who had a losing record at the time) in the superdome and THEY WERE DOWN BY 7 - and Daunte Culpepper hit Randy Moss in the endzone with like 20 seconds left on the clock. Well, Minnesota had nothing to lose so <b>they went for the two point conversion</b> and Culpepper dropped the ball.. it was laying on the carpet for anyone to pick up. <b>After everyone stared at the ball for, i dont know, 10 YEARS MAYBE? - Culpepper picks up the ball and runs it into the endzone</b>, and the Saints lose that game. They couldnt beat 1-13 Cincinatti the next week, and the same goes for 6-9 Carolina the week after that. The Saints, after getting out to a 7-2 start, went on to lose 5 out of the next 7 games to miss the playoffs.

<b>Here is how it went down in 2002:</b>

What lesson can be learned here?

Well... it starts with the previous week in the past and <b>looking at each week as a fresh start</b>. If they bring the past with them, each losing game can start a snowball effect of bad play.

We HAVE to take care of business versus the LOSING Bucs and LOSING Steelers. These are crucial games for the rest of the season

This loss on Sunday is going to test the mettle of the team - NOW we will see what they are made of... how will they handle REAL adversity? These next few weeks will define Sean Payton, and we will see exactly how good of a coach he is.

With that being said... let's see how I THINK the rest of the year will unfold:

</b>11/5 - At Tampa Bay - The Saints, last week, might have started to feel a little "comfortable" with a 5-1 record and felt like everything would come "automatically" and without max effort. This week, they will make sure they dont turn the ball over and shoot themselves in the foot as they did the previous week. <b>My prediction: <b>Saints WIN</b></b> Record: 6-2

11/12 - At Pittsburgh - This game is personally a big one for me, because I am actually going to this game. I go to one away game per year, and we picked this one before the season started. The Steelers are imploding this year and I am hoping they get a win on 11/5 so that they don't have too many bottled up emotions coming into our game with them on 11/12. If they lose the game on 11/5, they will be ultra focused on just getting a WIN, which means they will probably put more care and focus into beating the Saints. However, i have never been to an away game that the Saints didnt win over the last 5 years. <b>My prediction: Saints WIN</b> Record: 7-2

11/19 - Cincinnatti - The Saints do not play very well vs. AFC teams when they play at home. This game could go either way, personally, as I see Cincinnati as about equal to the Saints all across the board. However, the Saints record vs. the AFC in the superdome could come into play here. <b>My prediction: Saints LOSE</b> Record: 7-3

11/26 - At Atlanta - oh boy, this is it - This is the big game that will define our season. If we win, we practically cruise into a division title. If we lose, then we will have to probably win a game and have atlanta lose one or two here or there down the road. Falcons aren't going to forget the Monday Night game, and will play with emotion. <b>My prediction: Saints LOSE</b> Record: 7-4

12/3 - San Fransico - The saints are better than this team across the board. This might be the only game the Saints have a chance to blow out their opponent all year. <B>My prediction: Saints WIN</b> Record: 8-4

12/10 - At Dallas - This game is going to depend on how bad the Saints want that 9th victory. Here we go again - just like back in 2002. The Saints have 4 games left to go, and just have to win probably half of them to cruise into the playoffs. Dallas seems to show up one week, and then take the next week off. Hopefully we will catch them on an off week. <b>My prediction: Saints LOSE</b> Record: 8-5

12/17 - Washington - By this time, Washington might make a push at a playoff spot. However, the Saints are still the better team, espescially at home here. <b>My prediction: Saints WIN</b> Record: 9-5

12/24 - At New York - This game is HUGE for one of two reasons. 1. a fight for a playoff spot.. OR 2. a fight for a first round bye in the playoffs. Hopefully it will be the second one, however.. the Saints will remember the B.S. "home game" @ New York last year, and how that one turned out. I personally think they come out emotional in this one. I dont know if it will be enough. <b>My prediction: Saints LOSE</b> Record: 9-6

12/31 - Carolina - This game WILL determine if the Saints get into the playoffs. The Saints, if they win, go into the wild card round with something to prove. <b>My prediction: Saints WIN</b> Record: 10-6 to sum up.. here are the predicted losses:

1. Cincinnati
2. Atlanta
3. Dallas
4. New York

... I believe if we even win ONE of those games, we can get a FIRST ROUND BYE in the playoffs. If lose all 4 of those, like i predicted, then we can still cruise into a wild card spot.

Well done. I'm pretty close with you on this one. The only difference is I'm split on the Tampa and / or Pittsburg. I'm not sure we beat both of these teams on the road. I'm at 9-7 with us losing one of the next 2.
Well done. I'm pretty close with you on this one. The only difference is I'm split on the Tampa and / or Pittsburg. I'm not sure we beat both of these teams on the road. I'm at 9-7 with us losing one of the next 2.

yeah but we got one thing going for us in the Pittsburgh game: <b>I have been to 4 away games in the last 4 years, and the Saints never lose when I go to away games :)</b>. 2002: Carolina: WIN, 2003 - Tampa Bay: Win, 2004: St. Louis: WIN, 2004: Carolina: WIN . Can I go 5-0? Things are looking good - I dont believe any of the teams I went on a trip for in the past was below .500, and we won them all. Pittsburgh is guaranteed to be under .500 when I go there.

Time will tell... im leaving next monday, driving there
You want luck I got luck; my wife planned my son’s first B Day party on Nov 12 at 12 O'clock. I knew I was going too miss a great game and then the Heavens opened and they moved the game to 3:15 and the party ends at 3:00.

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