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Mar 4, 2003
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This can be one of the most fun times of the year for an armchair GM. Mock drafts are rather prevalent and loads of fun. One of my all time favorite experiences on SSF was drafting in the big 32-team 7 round mock last year. Hopefully I will again get a chance to draft with the “big” boys this year.

Before I proceed to prepare for any mock draft in 2008, I feel I should evaluate how I faired in 2007. Now would be a good time for me to look back as the season is solidly in the books.

I got to draft for the Steelers and here is who I took and roughly how they did:
rd 1 - 20. LB Paul Posluszny, Penn State - Good

rd 1 - 31. C Ryan Kalil, USC - Good

rd 3 - 77. CB Fred Bennett, South Carolina – Not bad he had 3 INTs for the Texans (I have to thank DraftFreak for the scouting on this one.)

rd 3 - 94. RB Tony Hunt, Penn State – selected by the Eagles in the 3rd round. Not great, but not all that horrible he got 1 TD for the Eagles which meant he must have made the roster.

rd 4 - 132. S Michael Johnson, Arizona - 16 Starts for the Giants (Superbowl Champion)

rd 5 - 156. OT Mike Otto, Purdue - 7th rnd selection by Tenn (made the roster)

rd 5 - 170. DE Antwan Applewhite, San Diego State - Charger Practice Squad addition 11/21 and signed with the Chargers 1/29

rd 6 - 178. P Daniel Sepulveda, Baylor - (Actually Drafted by the Steelers in the 4th round)

rd 6 - 192. DT Joe Cohen, Florida - Drafted by the 49ers in the 4th placed on IR with a torn MCL

Overall I thought it was not bad with some hits and some misses. Please feel free to help me grade myself.

One of the coolest things about prepping for the draft last year was when Alford made that big hit on Brady in the Superbowl, I said, “Hey, that’s the rookie Jay Alford from Penn State.”

PS. DraftFreak I am eagerly awaiting your next draft report.

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