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Jun 14, 2002
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Searched for the Madden thread and cannot find.

For the last week when I try to download draft classes and or any community files it gives me an error and states that the file can not be downloaded as it’s been removed by its creator.

Apparently this is a pretty prevalent problem as it’s all over the net. I have tried googling and applying the changes other players say to apply (spam the file, delete a reserve file, uninstall re install etc) to no avail.

I’m in love with this game but love the realism of the accurate draft class and such...almost unable to play with the fake names.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Just went to the EA help site for Madden. It’s a global problem and unable to be fixed at this time.
Understandable with the pandemic that it may not get attention currently, but it seems this has been a problem that EA has known about since at least last September. No surprise micro transactions still work lol.
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