Alert! >>>>> PLEASE RE-READ<<<<< Before you post a topic, consider whether it will somehow lead to partisan political bickering. If so, then DON'T POST IT! (1 Viewer)

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Aug 1, 1997
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There is no real diplomatic way to put this, so I will be blunt...

The SSF is a politics free zone.

Unless it involves the Saints and it is absolutely necessary to discuss it (For example the recent Brees statement over flag kneeling issue was necessary for discussion), do not post anything that will lead to partisan bickering on this board. If you do see someone else post anything political. Do not respond. Report it instead.

The current political climate is far too divisive, and the members are far too polarized and entrenched to carry on either political or sociopolitical discussions without it devolving into partisan bickering on this board. That has been proven here. It also pits Saints fan against Saint fan, and that runs counter to what this site is about. The staff here is worn out with it. I am worn out with it. The work requirements of managing and moderating all of the political posts is simply too much! Not to mention the sheer damage it has done, and is doing to the community. Many members come here to get away from politics, and I am in that number.

Keep this board free of politics, whether sociopolitical or political. Please report any posts that go against this policy.

I appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

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