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Nov 10, 2018
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I watched the replay on Monday and that play a few times. During the return I think we got away with a block in the back. If you look at the play it really looks like Will Smith pushed Manning from behind. What are your thoughts on the play? Also yes I’m bored and need some sports in my life right now.
Thanks for the laugh. In that situation what would happen if they called it? The pick would still stand, right?
Thanks for the laugh. In that situation what would happen if they called it? The pick would still stand, right?
Yes the int would stand and the penalty would be marked off from the spot of the foul.
I heard this talked about, and described that it was not a penalty, something about how the play developed. I remember it scaring the crap out of me when the play happened. Held my breath waiting to see if there was gonna be a flag.
He shoved him on the side, which is allowed. This was discussed a lot after the game. Smith's hand goes to Manning's shoulder and he shoves him.
His right hand went to Manning’s shoulder and he even almost grabbed his arm. His left hand hit Manning high very close to his spine. Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy there was a no call on that play.
Even if it were called, the earliest that contact was initiated would've been at the Saints' 48 so we would've had 1st and 10 at our own 38. I'm not sure if those circumstances stipulate resetting the game clock from when the penalty occurred or not so we're looking at either the Saints taking over at 3:19, if so, or 3:12, if not. Basically two first downs ices it at that point since Indy still had all three of their timeouts. Either that or just gain 35 yards and let Hartley kick a 45 yarder to clinch it, anyway, since he'd already made three 40+ yarders that night.

Knowing Payton's tendency to go full Jim Mora so often when nursing a one-possession lead near the end of a game, however, I'm banking on him trying to bleed Indy's timeouts unless he didn't start that final possession run-run-short pass obsession until later on in his time here.
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Manning was trying to get in position to make a tackle. Porter cut inside, manning was turning around to see where he went, when Will Smith gave the push. I heard it described.. the way the play unfolded like this, Will Smith's push was not an illegal block in the back.

Was Peyton blocked in the back? Yes. But was the block from a defender coming from behind? No. He was in correct position. The ball carrier had cut back to the middle of the field. Peyton is facing the wrong way, and out of the play.
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It looked to me that Manning wanted no part of Smith and kinda squirreled away with his back turned.
I think the INT sealed the game either way. The TD just made it more dramatic and memorable. If it’s just a turnover we run the clock down at worst.

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