Article Possible Hero stimulus package might get approved. (1 Viewer)

I've been hoping for something like this since the beginning. It should be more. Unless you're a healthcare worker or married to a healthcare worker I'm not sure most would understand the stress and fear it creates. I've never been a worry type person but these days I worry every minute of the day. I'm worried for my wife and kids if something happens and she gets sick or brings it home to our kids. The hospitals are a cluster right now and any sort of feeling safe at work has gone out the window. I've watched my wife break down crying at dinner in front of our kids which is something she would've never even considered prior to this. Then she puts her shoes on and goes to work to be confronted with ever changing PPE guidelines and the feeling the hospital doesn't consider her safety at all when making decisions. It's absurd what she's having to go through.

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