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Aug 1, 1997
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Some thought it would be a good idea to have a board for posting wallpapers, themes and the like... So I figured we'd give it a go.

So if you got 'em... feel free to post 'em. :)

Here's one I did with Colston. Smokiee did the background center I just added a little.
The first to post to this I am honored.


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Colston Background

Here's alittle something I drew up of Marques, and one of Reggie a friend drew up before the season. Any comments/suggestions to improve them would be appreciated.


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A couple of HD ones.

For those with a home theater PC wanting some HD wallpaper:

1280 x 720p (or 720i)

There is also a 1080 version here:

Hopefully, I can get some 4:3 sizes up soon.
Also, to all of you wallpaper gurus out there, feel free to add your own ideas to them. :) :ezbill:

*I almost forgot- thanks to SaintRob and his website for the font used in the images.
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I just changed the attachment permissions where you can upload jpg's and bmp's up to 1280x1024 and up to 240K and 300K respectively.
I was wondering what else to do with that wallpaper d3cyph3r, but I hadn't had much time to fool with it. Nice...
here you go..

Hopefully we will be posting the new Saints Report desktop theme shortly soon also.
I think I might try doing a wallpaper, but before I start I would like to ask one thing. Is it possible to make one interactive? By that I mean I would like to put the schedule on it but make it where you can put the scores and W's and L's.

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