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Flying Hellfish

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Sep 18, 2007
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Hello all,

In a 12-team standard league and looking to improve at RB. I'm thinking about trying to flip a WR (or more).

Current RBs: McCoy, Hill, Jennings, Crowell
Current WRs: ODB, Cooper, DJax, Landry, Snead, Diggs

Couple ideas I have seen looking at the landscape in my league....

1) Lev Bell owner was a Keenan Allen owner. He looks very thin at WR. Was thinking of offering Amari Cooper straight up for Bell. Is that trying to low ball too much or fair (or too much on my side)? My thought is that Cooper is solid and already playing, where as Bell is still out for another 2 weeks.

2) Go after C. J. Anderson offering Cooper straight up like above.

Of course I can offer something else up if it makes sense, like pairing DJax or Snead with one of my RBs to do it. Just looking for thoughts on what looks fair as I don't want to give away Cooper for too little as he really was someone I was targeting this year because I think he is going to be real good.

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