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Jul 8, 2001
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- here's an announcement I've been sitting on for a month. On February 1 2013 I was informed that The Attorney Generals Office was closing down my forensics lab. The service has been available to Missouri Law Enforcement agencies for 16 years. It is sad to see politics and finances take away a valuable service that protected the children of Missouri.

However, there is good news- today i accepted a position as Forensic Services Coordinator with Guarded Exchange Inc.(Guarded Exchange) Guarded Exchange is a private integrated investigations company here in Jefferson city that currently has a contract with the Missouri Department of Corrections for Phone monitoring, investigations and forensics. I will be taking over the Phone forensics and training.

But more importantly i will be starting a commercial computer forensics lab for the company to service the public, private and commercial sector.

As I start this new computer forensics lab - I'm reaching out to the vast network of Saints fans all over the US- civil and private issues in forensics have no jurisdictional issues- so if you feel my services might be of use to someone or a company in need of ediscovery, expert testimony, pc and phone forensics, data recovery, analysis and private investigations- please keep me in mind- our fees will be very low as I try to get a client base.

please hit me up

Erik Thomas
Forensic Services Coordinator
Office: 573-635-5370

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