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Apr 13, 2002
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From the Half-Year NFL Awards column today by David Fleming

HALF THE STORY: From a distance I saw the massive tab for rebuilding the Superdome and thought, "That money would have been better spent elsewhere." Then I walked to the Saints-Eagles game from several blocks away with the fans and the residents and the vendors and a fat drunk guy with an Eagles jersey on wearing Mardi Gras beads the size of Christmas ornaments, and I saw, firsthand, the value of such a symbol of hope. That city is coming back and it's all radiating outward from inside that stadium.

Good column.

HALF-JAPANESE: Saints linebacker and leading tackler Scott Fujita who does a samurai fist-in-palm bow after each sack. We hung out a bit during the Saints' bye week, and by the looks of his very cool warehouse-district loft (two doors down from Emeril) I'm happy to report that my wife no longer holds the record for most Pottery Barn purchases in one dwelling.
DOING TWICE AS MUCH WITH HALF THE TALENT: Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy, Eric Mangini and Rams coach Scott Linehan -- they prove my theory that when searching for a new coach, the smart owners and GMs worry less about the guy's Q rating and more about how the new guy's schemes fit the personnel already in place. "

Didn't Payton change more than half of the roster?

I guess that it sounded good when he wrote it.

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