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Jun 29, 2009
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didn't see this over here, so I thought I would share and get your thoughts!!!!!!! true or false?

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</TD><TD class=alt1 id=td_post_1889691 style="BORDER-RIGHT: transparent 1px solid"><!-- icon and title -->Sean Payton
<HR style="COLOR: transparent" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I was at that game yesterday. Great seats. 10 rows back on the Saints side. I came into the game not sure what to expect with Kolb back there and the O-Line mess. Other than Shockey the Saints are a likeable team and not one to get upset about a loss to. Until it happened that is.

I could not believe what I saw Payton do and say to the fans towards the end of the game. When the Saints scored to make it 41-21 he came back close to the fans and started waiving them away yelling "Go Home - the beating is over. Go home! Then he put his left hand up with 4 fingers up and the right with 1. he literally did this for about 10 minutes yelling at the fans and the fans yelling back. It ******d me off to the point that I started yelling back that it's freakin September, Payton. There was actually some large assistant coach holding him back and telling him to stop. I'm sure this got little to no media play. My buddy next to me didn't even see it go down until I started yelling

Unreal. I want the guy's team to suffer now.

I can't speak for all sections but I can say the Saints fans near me were morons as well. You would have thought they won the SuperBowl the way they were acting. It's as if Payton and the fans just forget that they got lucky to see a backup QB on a perfect weather day. It's a good win for them...but let's not get carried away so early

anywho...I expect fans to act like this. But a head coach? Has anyone seen something like this before?
Wow... hope that isn't true. Pretty sure it isn't. I would think he would be too busy to do something like this for 10 minutes. :idunno:
Payton did have a look of arrogance his face all game long, almost a smirk of sorts.

I loved it!
If Payton did anything like that he was provoked. I really don't care though.
Obviously someone made all of this up..... First battery throwers, and now resorting to making up lies..... Doesnt suprise me in the least. Prime example of a very "weak" fan.
There are also some Philly fans, that said payton made players run victory laps.
uhhh..a philly fan getting upset over supposed bad fan behavior?...I've seen it all...
Yeah I'm not buying this, unless somehow they provoked him.. but what makes me doubt his story is when he says

he literally did this for about 10 minutes .... and then he goes on to say I

'm sure this got little to no media play. My buddy next to me didn't even see it go down until I started yelling...

if he was doing it for 10 minutes.. I think a camera, or more of the fans would've caught on eh?
Well, SP coached with the Eagles for a while, so I guess he knows how the fans can jaw with the opposition. Maybe he was fighting fire with fire (or something)? It was a little strange when a SAINTS TD withstood a challenge review and Payton went into extreme celebration mode, replete with "yeah baby, touchdown!". Maybe SP just knows how it is around <s>the Vet</s> the Linc and wanted to give the fans their money's worth?
Did anybody see at one point where they showed Drew on the side line and he pointed to his hand as if to say, this is where the Super Bowl ring will go. Are was that just me. I loved it.
Yeah, no victory laps. They ran straight off the field--a few guys threw their gloves to the small crowd by the tunnel. Payton slowed to give a couple of high fives.

Wonder if they had cheese steaks on the flight home..
I'm sure he may have said something, but even if it is true...it's Philly...they deserve it...their fans are some of the rudest in the league...
Sure - Payton left the game for 10 minutes during the 4th qtr to go taunt the fans?

Uhhh no.

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