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Oct 19, 2000
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So. Cal.
I cannot stand ANY Cam Newton commercials of any kind or for ANY length of time at all. It’s “Official”~! I’m already SICK of those self-engrandizing commercials , playing cute and everyone thinking they are so sweet and that he’s three different people from a super-hero to his alter/ego him to some sort of version of himself.

SICK OF IT~! The Panthers went 15-1 last year and I can’t even remember what they did which was so Great???? It’s an amazing year , no doubt but to go 15-1 and I can’t even remember their “great” plays or how they arrived at that number but it’s s killer record of that there is no doubt but really, I’ve had enough of this Cam story and until he gets a ring or breaks some serious records, I really don’t know what the big deal is. If he were our QB I still would be looking for that BIG PLAYS QB but Cam is just too flash and not nearly enough substance.

If I’m wrong and he lights it up and he turns out to be some real entity to be dealt with and even though I know he’s hard to bring down, I’ve seen Cam Jordan clean his clock often enough to know he’s a sackable QB and gets flustered and jittery and just isn’t worth the kind of advertisement he’s getting which IMHO, Kenny Vaccaro’s Rookie Season was worth more praise but he’s a Safety and Cam’s a QB and there in may lie the difference.


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May 1, 2007
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Los Angeles
Couldn't agree more. We eat a lot of yogurt in our family but I can state definitively that none of it will be the stuff Cam is shilling.

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