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Aug 8, 1997
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Hi Mike,

Seems that I always have a question, but you are the best source of information available for us saints fans.

The current cap situation will be felt mostly by our offensive line. Jon Stinchcomb is a free agent and I can see him leaving this year. Jammal Brown may be leaving also after next season. He will be a young two-time probowler and I just can't see the saints having the cap space to sign him to a next contract.

Do you think the saints may be willing to trade Jammal this year? I think a team like the lions with extra picks may be interested in getting Jammal if they decide to pick Strafford with the first overall pick. They should know they need a proven left tackle to protect his franchise player. They have the picks to make a trade like that.

But even a more important question: do you think the saints have a player (Nicks, Bushrod or Strief) who can adequately fill Brown's shoes? If not, if there is a player the saints should look in the draft (between the 14-20 pick) that can start right away at left tackle.

I don't want to trade Brown, but also don't want to loose a player of his caliber for nothing.

Thanks as always, Guillermo

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