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Trey W.

Jul 8, 2001
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West Monroe, La
I know everything we talk about on here is just that, Talk. None of us know the thinking behind what's going on and what Payton, Loomis, and Ryan have discussed. My question is with the New CBA and the specific and limited amounts of practices and team structured meetings/workouts, will Ryan have a change to personally evaluate players before the draft or will he just have to work off of film from the past few years to gauge players strengths, weaknesses, and where they may fit in his scheme? It would really be nice if Ryan can bring in our defensive players to see what they have/don't have and see where they would fit so we would know better what we would need to draft or pursue in FA if we have the money. I would assume that with BountyGate, Payton and staff will be extra careful as to not push the limitations of the rules as all eyes will be upon us so I don't know how this will effect our evaluations.

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