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Apr 14, 2007
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We all know that Vitt is family to SP. Vitt was willing to take the sword over Vicodin-gate. He held the team together while SP was gone this year. Vitt is possibly a pretty weak LB coach, but SP will stick with him to hell and back.

Did anybody hear from any semi-reliable source about the relationship between Viit and Spags? Was there friction? This alone would have been enough for SP to can Spags.

Thanks Who Dats!
Vitt.. Fire that ****** ******.
Payton.. Done.

I consider myself to be a semi reliable source.
If you're looking for reasons why SP would have canned Spags, you're looking in the wrong place. There was a more glaring reason.
I saw them sitting together at a Hornets game with Benson right before SP was reinstated. I don't think there is any animosity between the two...
I think Vitt and Spags got along fine.

Vitt and GW: different story.
The players got Spags fired.

The Saints have never had an "unnamed player" whisper campaign before about a coach. Not Gary Gibbs, not Greg Williams, not after 3 years each. One year of Sags suddenly we have "unnamed player" stories complaining about the defense. That was a shocking first for the Payton-era.

I imagine he heard about it in his private meetings with players when he came back. And if your curious about who it may have been, I couldn't say for sure but I bet is first player meeting on defense was with Vilma.
Vitt: Sean, did you check out the games this season?

Payton: Yes.

Vitt: What do you think of retaining Spags?

Payton: I don't. He's out of here!

It is that simple. When you look at our defense, and the way we performed, it is not anything that Vitt or a player had to say to convince Sean to fire Spags. The reality is that given where were are cap-wise and the loss of our second round pick, we cannot give Spags the sort of players he needs to turn the defense around. We do, however, have the personnel in place to run a 3-4 with far lesser moves to make in order to make our defense competitive/effective. It was an easy decision even though Spags is a respectable person.
Spags should give his paychecks from the Rams and Saints to Strahan, Tuck, Osi, and Kiwanuka.

My guess is that he stepped on some toes when Vitt and Loomis were suspended. We were 0-4, and Kromer definitely wasn't supplying the leadership. Spags probably overstepped. I think we saw a glimpse of this in the Denver game.
do we have the worst defensive players in the history of the NFL? NO I have seen the bucs field a worse one or detroit, so for Spags to achieve that, well he deserves some credit, firing him , was him getting his due.

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