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Aug 8, 1997
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Hello Mike,

Sour times for saints fans. So better start with the questions trying to understand what is happening.

I am sure you will be receiving lots about the defense and villian-du-jour Olindo Mare, so I concentrate in the passing game.

I think that after the Carolina game, if there is not a miracle, we won't see much more of Devery Henderson as a Saint. This is particularly bad because only Devery is able to stretch the field when he catches the ball (Reggie is able to do so also but Payton somewhat does not like to use them catching the long ball).

As far as I know, Meachem would be able to do stretch the field to, so my question is, why not getting him some repetitions on gametime? I am not asking to start next to Colston, but to contribute with 5 or 6 plays per game. Let' s see what the kid has.

Also on Henderson, since I think he is done as a saint, would you be willing to trade him for either Michael Clayton, Reggie Williams or even Matt Jones. I am not saying these receivers are better, but they are in similar situations in their teams. The trade would be only with the intention on getting another player for a tryout considering we will lose Devery at the end of the year.

Finally, regarding Colston, it is obvious that Drew is not throwing the ball as often as needed. I wonder if Marques is having problems getting separation, or is a quaterback problem for not having enough time to make his reads. Colston should be an integral part of the offense and his production this season is more like the one of a seventh rounder who was lucky to make the team.

Thanks in advance, Guillermo

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