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Aug 18, 2007
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Muskegon, MI
so I'm gonna have to be on the road this Sunday & want to listen to the game over my phone. I will be in Indiana and was wondering if you guys could give some radio stations that you've listen to that have an app, that broadcast the game. I know about the nfl app, but I'm not going to spend $80 for a one time use, plus I don't have the money. I will be in a work truck & will only have my phone & if there are some stations that you guys listen to ether in state or another state, that you know have an app you can download & they broadcast the game, I would apprecate any info you guys can provide. I don't have a clue other wwl as to which stations would do that, but wwl is blocked during the game unless you pay for it & I want a regular radio station broadcast that I can listen to the game if that's even still possible.

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