ragin cajuns or lsu tigers,who you pullin for? (1 Viewer)

who are you rooting for saturday?

  • ragin cajuns

    Votes: 22 40.0%
  • lsu fighting tigers

    Votes: 33 60.0%

  • Total voters
Yeah, God forbid somebody be a fan of a team other than Louisiana State University A&M at Baton Rouge.

By this logic, everbody (even people from Baton Rouge) should be a Florida fan.

I just find it amazing (and somewhat refreshing) that the Saints Report community might house just as many UL fans as it does Louisiana State University fans.

And for the record, I'm a UL graduate, fan of the Cajuns, obviously pulling for the Cajuns. I realize the Cajuns will have to play an incredible game and the Tigers will have to reciprocate with and equally bad game. Doesn't mean I can't pull for the Cajuns.

As I should.
This forum has far more LSU-haters than ULL fans...

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