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Nov 2, 2005
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Hey guys, I started a go fund me but not sure of the rules of SR. Is there somewhere I can post on the site or is it not allowed?
Yes.. No fundraisers are allowed without expressed permission from the Webmaster @Andrus

But glad you asked instead of just posting away.. haha
Board policies are linked at the top of the Saints Forum (or here).

Relevant portions:

Member Advertising/Spamming:

Advertisements, attempts at selling products, or links to merchandising sites (gear and apparel) are not allowed unless they are approved by Andrus. Any selling of any other items or merchandise by any member otherwise, and isn't eligible for the Ticket Exchange, Ebay Auctions, or Trading Post boards must first be approved by Andrus. That includes shirts, shorts, under garments banners, patches, pins, and everything else not covered. Understand that we frown on members seeking to take advantage of our traffic for the purpose of profit without a reasonable, negotiated percentage going to the site. If merchandisers or members want to buy advertising or sell items of interest for profit, they are welcome to email Andrus through the contact-us links at the bottoms of site pages, or send him a PM if you are already a member. Also, if linking to your business in your signature files, read the paragraph below,

Promoting Blogs, Podcasts and Personal Business Sites:

With the exception of staff approved blogs, the promotion of blogs, podcasts, and personal business sites, either as links in signature files, within posts, or otherwise are only allowed to members that have signed up to become paid subscribers with no less than a $10 per mo. minimum. To become a subscriber, go to https://saintsreport.com/account/upgrades and Choose the green "Monthly VIP Subscription" option and then from the pop up that comes up select the $10 option. These "advertising" funds go directly to supporting SaintsReport.com.

*To become a staff approved blogger you have to earn it. How? By using the subscription system requirement in the prior paragraph and over time proving that you write a quality blog. The staff will periodically discuss the merits of each paying members blog and make determinations on whether or not to remove the subscription requirement and make the specific member an approved blogger.

Any other promotional posts found will be immediately removed from the site and the offending member may receive an infraction. Signature links must be simple and unobtrusive. Bloggers who join SaintsReport for the sole expressed purpose of promoting their blogs without prior permission or having subscribed, will lose their posting privileges.

Members Linking to Non-Business Sites:

*Members may otherwise link to their personal non-business sites as long as the content is not for profit, intended to harvest members or are otherwise violations of our posting guidelines.

Please note that all other advertisements (other than approved team related links) including chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on this BB are forbidden.

Concerning Fund-raising activity. These are the Guidelines:

A) Any and all fundraisers must be approved. To do so, send a PM to Andrus (Read paragraph "E" below before sending Andrus a PM).

B) If the fundraiser begins to morph into something other than originally advertised then the changes will also require additional approval.

C) We will require a complete accounting of what funds are collected, any expenses incurred and how the funds were distributed.

D) We require a copy of all receipts including those from the charity or recipient.

E) New members or members that are not well established participants within the community will not be allowed to host a fundraiser or run charitable raffles, etc.. You have to earn the trust of the SR staff and community in order to even be considered.

F) Within the fundraisers original post, the following disclaimer will have to be posted:

"Members of SaintsReport from time-to-time solicit funds on the forum for various causes. All posters are reminded that this is the internet and that you contribute to fundraisers at your own risk. We assume some of these money solicitations are by good people for good causes, but SaintsReport does not investigate fundraisers or make any warranty as to their legitimacy. It is up to the poster to decide if its a legitimate fundraiser and if the money is being spent as advertised".

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