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He probably threw the ball, it got batted back towards his direction, and he scampered for 7 yards. I have seen him catch his own deflection once or twice.

Either that, or it was a HB pass.
He is just that special.

This dude has nothing on Brees.

So i was checking some team stats on nfl.com and I noticed this odd stat at the bottom of receiving stats.

Brees- rec:1 yds:7

Now, no one can say that our qb is not elite or is not better than other qb's when he can even throw a pass to himself.

link: http://www.nfl.com/teams/neworleanssaints/statistics?team=NO

btw, does anyone know when this happened?

If I'm not mistaaken brad johnson did this but became the only qb in history to throw a TD pass to himself. Ball got batted by a DT he catches it and runs in it.
If I recall the announcer during that game, he made some crack about Drew spreading the ball around to so many different receivers that he finally decided to throw himself a pass as well.

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