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Oct 18, 2004
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Here are my top 10 team needs going into FA and the draft...

Team Needs:
1. OLB- No proven players or depth at the position
2. OT- Need depends on if they re-sign Bushrod.
3. FS- Jenkins is not the answer.
4. CB- No proven depth and Robinson is suspect
5. NT- Need a backup to Bunkley for a very important position on the D
6. TE- No depth at all.
7. WR- Could use some new talent here.
8. DE- Could use some depth as it appears the starters will be Smith and Jordan
9. SS- Roman Harper looks to be sticking around, could draft a player to groom.
10. Backup QB- Saints probably re-sign Daniel, but this spot becomes a bigger need if not.


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Jul 16, 2005
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Jackson, ms
1) OT
2) FS
3) CB
4) CB- we need at least 2.
5) OLB- Love Junior and Tez but after that we have nobody with NFL experience.
6) TE
7) WR
8) OT- Not a big fan of Strief. Brown isn't the answer. need a good ROT and depth at both tackle spots.
9) WR- We need a few tbh.
10) RB- I don't believe Ingram will be in the NFL much longer. If we lose Ivory we'll have a big hole with PT and Sproles both aging. You can find the red thumb at bottom right of post.


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Sep 9, 1997
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1. OLB
2. OT
3. FS/SS Depends on if we move Jenkins to Roman's spot.
4. WR
5. NT
6. CB
7. TE
8. Backup QB
9. 5-tech DE (depth)
10. Backup interior OL


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Dec 12, 2006
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1.) Stability in Coaching, leadership. - (something that was missing last year should return with Payton, and hopefully Ryan can give us a stable DC that isn't an aloof pushover like Spags, but also not a mad man like Gregg Williams.)

2.) Pass Rushing OLB - probably the most important position in a 3-4 system, both Wilson and Galette have potential and talent but we have yet to see them play in this new scheme.

3.) Left Offensive Tackle - Bushrod is a FA, and due to our cap situation he may outprice himself, I'm not confident in Brown starting for a full season. He's been injured every year he's been here, don't really see anyone else on the roster that can man that spot.

4.) Cornerbacks - I think we need at least 2 solid Corners added to the mix. Jabari Greer has served us well but he is starting to decline, Jonny Patrick was a disaster, and there are concerns whether or not Corey White fits at Corner. That leaves us with Patrick Robinson who is inconsistent, and Elbert Mack who is a very solid Nickelback but not an every down outside Corner.

5.) Nose Tackle - need someone to split time with Bunkley at the Nose, I believe we're going with a more hybridized, Under style un-even 3-4 so the need for a traditional mammoth 2 gapping Nose is lessened but still a pretty important position in the 34.

6.) Safety - I believe the Safeties are interchangeable in Ryan's scheme, but I'm still not comfortable with Jenkins and Harper back there. Jenkins is younger and I believe he will get another shot to prove himself, Harper I don't trust in coverage at all. I really like what we have in Quddus as a backup, but if Vaccaro, Elam, McDonald, Cyprien are up when we pick in rounds 1-3 we will strongly consider them.

7.) Right Offensive Tackle - I think the edges of our Line are the weak links on the unit, Strief struggled greatly at times with the speed rush, and we kind of went through musical chairs at that position last year, we have Marcel Jones, Bryce Harris in the mix but both are pretty big question marks.

8.) Tight End - with the release of David Thomas, we're pretty thin on depth at this spot now. Jimmy Graham is on the verge of finishing his Rookie Contract, which he has greatly outplayed. It's a nightmare to think about him leaving, but he might outprice himself next season with the way our cap is looking. Regardless we need a Back up at this spot for next year, someone with pass catching ability as Payton, and Brees love their pass catching Ends.

9.) Wide Receiver - Kind of questionable choice because we seem to be solid at this position but looking deeper both Colston, and Moore will be 30 next season, Devery seems to be on his way out. Behind that way have a slew of unproven youngsters, Morgan, Toon, Andy Tanner who will probably be invited to training camp next year. A guy with return skills would be a big plus as Roby might not be on the roster next season, and to take some ease off of Sproles on KRs.

10.) Back Up QB - Chase Daniel is a FA and although I think we re-sign him you never know if a team desperate for a QB (KC, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Arizona) give him an unmatchable tender.

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