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Sep 10, 2006
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It is really hard to say for sure without knowing the settings and total number of teams but I don't like any of your teams at all. In general it seems like you are drafting Def and Kicker way too high. Every RB you picked after the first round is in some sort of time share and most of them are on the bad end of it. Isaiah Crowell in the 4th is particularly bad. Gio and Duke in the 6th are right there with it.

You are going to need 2012 Adrian Peterson to show up for you to have a chance at a championship. Be on the look out for RB help on the waiver wire until your RBs are in a better place. See if Alfred Morris or Matt Breida is available in any of your leagues, that could be a start.

Sorry to be so harsh, I do wish you the best.

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