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Sep 15, 2006
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Rate Reggie Bush's impact on this team.

10 - Super Player Hall of Famer

9 - Outstanding Player - Pro Bowl Every Year

8 - Terrific Player - Must be Accounted for Every Down

7 - Very Good Player - Shows Up Every Game

6 - Good Player - Shows Most Games but can be Neutralized

5 - Average Player &#8211; Mostly a 3<SUP>rd</SUP> Down Back

4 - Fair Player - Product of System @ USC

3 - Poor Player - Back up at Best

2 - Waste of Draft Pick

1 - Why is He Still on the Team
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This early in his career I feel he gets a #6, but the assesment can change weekly.
way too early to give a rating on the scale. Its only been 9 games........but I will say he must accounted for on every play.
He is accounted for every down. See: Marques Colston / Deuce McAlister / Drew Brees / Anyone else who produces.

Now I'm not saying they're doing so well because of Reggie, but I'm pretty certain that he's helping. Not to mention he's got a relatively complete game for a rookie. He catches well, and has good pass blocking skills. They main problem I am having with his game is his impatient running style...but that will come in time. In fact, he looked better last week in the running game.
6 - Good Player - Shows Most Games but can be Neutralized

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