Ravens already mailing out playoff ticket requests (1 Viewer)

Kinda pains me to know that we'll be helping their cause when we beat the Bengals on Sunday. Then again, they'll be helping ours when they beat the Falcons, huh? They do currently have a solid 3 game lead on the Bengals, and a 4 game lead on both the Steelers and Browns in their division. Oh, well.
that's counting chickies a little too soon for me
Well, they have a 3.5 game lead in their division. It still might be a week or two too soon but it's more of a given that they'll win their division than the Bears will have home field in the NFC right now.
Anyone here ever seen a coach get a bucket of gatorade on him w/ 1 play left...only to have a miracle catch win the game for another team???

Playoff Tickets in week 11 = gatorade, a tad too early.
they make money off the interest until the playoffs, even if they don't make playoffs and have to return the money
Like I said before: this is standard NFL practice and the NFL itself actually instructs teams (or gives them the go-ahead) to print the tickets. It's not a matter of a team being cocky or getting ahead of themselves. Hell, the first line of the story says it.

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