Ravens' players on Saints' offense and Brees (1 Viewer)


Mar 14, 2006
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"Drew is a very patient quarterback," said Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. "Drew knows everything about defenses - Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4 - and he is playing very, very smart football right now. He's not really taking chances getting the ball down field right now.

"He is getting the ball in the hands of Reggie Bush a lot, letting him make plays. Right now, Drew is playing really, really patient football."

The Ravens' test will be to disrupt his poise by applying pressure with the defensive line and assorted blitzing linebackers.

"He is giving the ball up fast and is making quick decisions," said Baltimore linebacker Bart Scott. "He is making a lot of short passes and a lot of quick decisions and getting the ball to his playmakers. Whenever a team does that, it is tough to get to [the quarterback].

"We will have to really play well and play tight coverage to make him have to hold that football, and hopefully we can get to him because that does send a message and sets the tempo for the game."

Link: http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article.jsp?id=13581
Is it just me or are journalists just cutting and pasting from other articles?
Wow, even Ray Lewis seemed classy in that article.
It seems like each team knows exactly what theyre getting into and both are rested and prepared to play their best Sunday. After hearing Bush, Payton, Ray Ray, Ed Reed, Billick, and now Bart Scott, there is mutual respect.
GREAT FIND! IMHO, (and face it, I'm an Ultimate Homer!) I don't think the Raven's Offense matches up that well with our "D" (not knowing who is healthy or not but figuring Roman can be adequately replaced @ SS) and Drew Brees is simply "FREAKING UNCONCIOUS!" right now! I've rarley seen a QB at any time play smarter and more in control and that goes back to Magnificent Joe!!!(Montana that is not Namath although much can be said of him too)

So, I figure, Saints 24- Ravens 6!!!!!

Of course I've got the malaria and typhoid fever working me over right now so I'm a little Jungle Boogied!(Just kidding, I'm fine! and looking to be home in a week or two!)

!!!!!!!!!!!!! GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX !!!!!!!!!!!
I agree with Daddyeaux. Their offense is not strong enough to beat our defense. Our weakness is small, shifty backs that hit the edge and a good passing game. Baltimoe has neither. Their only weapon passing-wise is Todd Heap, but he can't do it all. They were lucky their past game to have A) Kyle Boller at QB (and whoever thought THAT would be said??) and B) two tips right to Mark Clayton for TDs. And they still lost. Replace Boller with a recently-concussed Steve McNair and I can't see that offense doing anything well enough to beat our defense. Their defense against our offense is not better than their offense against our defense. Baltimore's very good and very bad in those repects; the Saints are very good and good in those respects.
Personally, I think Deuce is gonna go nuts in this game!
They'll focus BIGTIME on RB which'll mean man-up time..
LoL.. it's almost like I can see Jahri Evans blowing up Ray
Lewis and watching 26 crash right through the line and
straight into the secondary... ohhhh yeaaaaaah baby!!
Then, Mr. Brees, play-action, Colston, Horn, 6!


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