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Mar 7, 2001
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Not sure if this has already been posted. Found this scouring the NOLA comments section. Pretty interesting to see the reaction from his former players.

A few reactions when Ryan was fired by the Cowboys:
Defensive end Jason Hatcher @hatcher97: It was a privilege to play under Coach Rob Ryan! One of the greatest. Sad day. I’m hurting right now.

Cowboys cornerback Sterling Moore @SterlingMoore: ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Happy Right Now! ????

Linebacker Bruce Carter @BruceCarter54 : “***!”

Sports talk show host Jim Rome ‏@jimrome: It’s been like, 30 minutes. Why hasn’t anyone hired Rob Ryan yet?

Ex-Cowboy Deion Sanders ‏@DeionSanders: Please dont tell me the boys fired Rob Ryan? He was NOT the Problem! The players respected him. Truth

FoxSports writer Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer: And no Rex will NOT be hiring Rob Ryan (Glazer also told “He’s not going to get a head-coaching interview.”)

Rick Gosselin (@RickGosselinDMN): No commitment to run game so you fire RB coach. No healthy bodies on D so you fire the coordinator. The real problems need to be addressed.

Tim Cowlishaw (@TimCowlishaw): With all the injuries to consider, not sure how Rob Ryan merits a lower grade than Jason Garrett.

Tim Cowlishaw (@TimCowlishaw): I’m not saying getting rid of Rob Ryan is a terrible idea. I’m just curious how Jerry determined his schemes were the problem.

Rainer Sabin (@RainerSabinDMN): Thirty-six defenders played for the #Cowboys this season. Rob Ryan rarely played with a full deck of cards in 2012.
If players respect him, that's a good thing. I'm still leary about hiring a drama-queen Ryan brother though. Maybe it'll work out.
A lot of our players didn't sound happy Spags was fired either...
I want to see someone get a hold of Fujita and ask him about Rob Ryan, he played for him when he coached Cleveland's defense. Saints fans will resonate with Fujita's opinion, imo.
I want to see someone get a hold of Fujita and ask him about Rob Ryan, he played for him when he coached Cleveland's defense. Saints fans will resonate with Fujita's opinion, imo.

You don't think Sean Payton called up Fujita and picked his brain about Rob Ryan? I guarantee he did.
Yesterday I was all 'Nooooooooooooo'. Today, I've warmed up to the idea. I like Romeo's temperament, but I got some Spags vibes from him (as far as having a system that requires significant talent to work). Anyone SP chooses, I'll be happy with. I just hope we can get the most out of our players and build the best possible team given talent and salary cap constraints.
It tells you something when there is so much energy and effort trying to justify hiring a person. I would rather hire someone without all of the doubt surrounding him.
I don't recall an outcry when Spags was fired but I do remember a player trashing him to the media before he was.

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These same players might have to play for him in the future. You don't want to burn your bridges because you might have to cross them again.
I guess people missed my point. Players don't like change, unless they really don't like the guy.

The reason they don't like it is for two reasons. They form a bond and their job security might be in question more. No players wants to head into the offseason worrying.

So, it's nice that the players were upset he's leaving it really doesn't mean anything. Just like most of the Ryan DC threads we have going, there isn't a lot of news here.
that has been a dysfunctional locker room for years now. I can't buy into comments from a locker room that has an environment of taking sides. Thank God we don't have to worry about that kind of environment with our current FO and Coach.
Think whatever you will of Ryan as a possible hire here, but there was no way to justify him getting fired in Dallas last year. People throughout that organization were very unhappy with the move. With what he had, I thought he did a pretty darn good job last season.

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