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Nov 13, 2017
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Since I can't paste the article and giving a link is useless I'm going to try to recap, in my own words, some of the main points in what was a very good, but fairly lengthy article.

  • Favors was given a choice of which team could trade for him. He actively chose NOP out of several other suitors.
  • He is a team player and although limited to 23 minutes per game never grew disgruntled and supported the team concept. Remember those minutes.
  • He put up averages of 18 points, 11 rebounds and two blocks on 58.6 percent shooting (the best numbers of his career). He shot 72 percent at the rim, and had a career-best 62.4 true shooting percentage.
  • He was one of five players last year to score at least 500 points on touches in the paint while shooting at least 68 percent on those shots.
  • With more time and possessions the Pels believe that Favors can become one of the top finishers around the rim while playing elite defense of the other end.
  • When Favors and Ingles played without any other starters on the floor last season, Utah outscored its opponents by an absurd 17.1 points per 100 possessions.
  • “He’s a special defensive player,” Griffin said. “He’s an elite rim protector.”
  • Favors was one of 33 players who defended at least 300 shots at the rim, and he held opponents to 50.1 percent from the field on those shots, the best among anyone in that group.
  • He is one of the most efficient pick-and-roll bigs in the game today.
  • Favors is set to become an unrestricted FA next summer and his contract is written such that NOP cannot negotiate with him until the end of his contract. So there is no way they can keep him from entering the FA market next year. In my mind that explains why we were able to get him so cheap.
  • “We believe he will be a vital piece of our nucleus moving forward,” Griffin said. This statement looks like Griff has his eye on keeping Favors around beyond this one year.
  • He will earn $17.6 million in 2019-20.
This was an excellent article and I was only able to hit the high points so if anyone has The Athletic, give it a read. Its worth your time.

Looks like Favors was a great one year pick up and if he plays to his potential might be someone Griff will pursue stongly to keep on this team. But he may have to pay big to keep him.
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Apr 28, 1999
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I never regretted my subscription to The Athletic, unlike paid subscriptions to 247, ESPN, etc. and they just added more writers for NOLA Sports-related content...


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I never regretted my subscription to The Athletic, unlike paid subscriptions to 247, ESPN, etc. and they just added more writers for NOLA Sports-related content...
It has been OK. I do not like their antiquated subscription bases. You have to subscribe for an entire year and cannot cancel (unless you forfeit the remaining value). That goes the same for auto renewals if you do not cancel before it auto renews.

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