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Sep 1, 1997
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Garden of Hedon
I see SO MANY threads with a post to the effect of "sorry for the red thumb...fat fingers, small phone..." or something similar to that effect.

I don't know how difficult this would be, but I have an idea for a solution to this dilemma. As it doesn't appear mobile apps will be going away any time soon, perhaps a simple re-design would solve this. In the bottom right, it currenty looks like this, with a green thumb and red thumb graphic:

Did you find this post useful? Yes | No

Could we simply separate the yes/green thumb and no/red thumb options with the middle text of "Did you find this post useful?", so it looks like this:

Yes | Did you find this post useful? | No

Would this help eliminate false thumbs? Seems like a simple fix, but I'm not a web programmer. Any thoughts?

This isn't a huge deal and it certainly doesn't bother me, but if it is quickly/easily/cheaply fixed, consider it a suggestion...
This won't end w...well actually nevermind. It's a great idea.
I know a lot of this code is "stock". Hopefully one of the Admin types can chime in if this is possible or not. I don't see it as a bad idea to give a little more space between them. Or, perhaps give the ability to "change your mind".
I don't even care. I get red thumbed a lot, if it makes people feel better, that's cool, it don't even bother me.
I've been on several forums with the same red thumb/green thumb interace and it allows you to modify your selection after its been made. I think this could really come in handy here.
Will this affect me winning the dvd player?

Well, according to the commissioner of the interwebs, you won't be awarded the DVD player because you didn't cooperate, which means you simply did too well.
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Oye's are even more confusing. I always want to click the red Yoda, but can't seem to. Help!!! :aargh:
They already separated the thumbs some time ago on a suggestion. Perhaps not far enough.

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