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Reggie Bush gets a free pass from me (1 Viewer)

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Reggie Bush gets a free pass from me (1 Viewer)


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Dec 15, 2009
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One of his worst games but he has been out for 9 weeks and had a couple limited snaps in practice. I give him a pass and I'm sure he is beating himself up.


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Jul 27, 2003
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I have no problem with people calling him out for tonights performance. He played bad and deserves criticism.


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Aug 27, 2003
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I've liked Reggie as a Saint from day one and if you take a step back and replay in your mind all of his great plays, contributions, and maturity, then it takes the edge off of an ugly performance today, in an emotionally-charged game.

Even though Reggie has returned from injury many times, few of us can know what it's like to return. Reggie has to regain his confidence in his leg, which is his meal ticket.

The bigger issue and concern which seemed to weigh on Reggie today is that his roles have been taken by others, and he's outside of the inner chemistry of this team. Bush and Thomas of the past few years have been replaced this year by Chris Ivory and Julius Jones. (Imagine yourself being told on February 8, 2010 that an UDFA and - Julius Jones - and Ladell Betts - would be the Saints' 2010 regular season backs.)

On punt returns, Lance Moore has taken that role and is not only more trustworthy, but is a game-in, game-out playmaker on this year's team. Where does Reggie fit? Where will Pierre fit?

The good news is that Sean Payton seems very capable of mixing and matching the talent. Reggie has time to regain his confidence and find a role. The screen game and checkdown role for the running backs has been non-existent this year, and maybe Reggie can help the offense recapture it.

The Saints got an opportunity to win thanks to Malcolm Jenkins and then needed a home run ball. And they got it. It just boggles my mind how Payton, Brees, and this offense manage to incorporate the arsenal of players, and, all the elements of the offense: the run game, the screen game, Colston, the deep ball, the tight ends, producing when the other team is effective possessing the ball, etc...

Bottom line, Reggie has to raise his confidence, remember what he can do, and find a way to plug into this season's team chemistry.


Jul 20, 2009
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He makes mistakes just like Brees does when he throws 3 to 4 ints in a game or like Colston when he drops easy passes or like Hartley when he misses a "easy" field goal. These guys are professionals, yes, but they are also human...they make mistakes. Everyone on every team in the NFL makes mistakes...sometimes you guys go over board with wanting everything to be perfect. The dude just came back from a fractured leg...he hasn't played since week 2. Give the dude a break.

Totally agree. Some of you guys act like your God or something. The kid had to be brought back this game. If he wasn't brought back now and Payton waited, he probably would've been rusty then. Not to mention, he didn't see many touches, hard to gain any confidence when you don't get touches so we don't know if he's slow to return to form or just not given enough opportunities. I put the fumble and the drop on him for sure, but I wouldn't worry about it and I wouldn't make it seem like the dude is a horrible player as some of you tend to do when he makes mistakes.

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