Reggie Bush "highly unlikely" to get new deal from Phins (2 Viewers)


Mar 20, 2007
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Belfast, Ireland
Reggie Bush's future with Miami Dolphins looks bleak -
Impending free agent Reggie Bush told reporters after the season finale that he hoped to re-sign with the Miami Dolphins in part because "there's unfinished business."

He shouldn't get those hopes up too high. According to's Jason La Canfora, it's "highly unlikely" that Bush will stay with the Dolphins under a new contract.

General manager Jeff Ireland has invested early-round draft picks in Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller the past two years. With left tackle Jake Long, cornerback Sean Smith, and wide receiver Brian Hartline also due to hit free agency, it doesn't make sense to invest heavily in an aging running back.

While the Dolphins are expected to make Bush a cursory "team-friendly" offer, the smart money is on the versatile back signing a short-term deal with a contender. Turning 28 in March, Bush is a long shot for a final mega contract even after averaging more than 1,000 rushing yards in two seasons with the Dolphins.

Keep an eye out for the Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions, two teams known to be seeking a more dynamic back with pass-catching ability and the outside speed to complement short-yardage pounders BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Mikel Leshoure.
Not yet 28, calling him an "aging" running back is a little harsh. Yes our backfield is stacked but if it is a short term cheap deal with a contender he is looking for I would welcome him back with open arms. However I'm not sure if many would share that view.

He actually did well in Miami, putting up 1000 yards on the ground year one and coming up just 14 yards shy of that in year 2, with good receiving production when their QBs actually managed to get him the ball. However his fumbling problems look set to cost him a job. I feel kind of bad for him, as if I was the Phins OC with a rookie QB this year I would have devised an entire offense around getting him the ball on short routes to let the new kid settle in and let Reggie do his thing. That never really materialised for him and they let Tannehill sling it around instead.

On his day, he is still one of the NFL's top playmakers from the backfield, and I for one would hate to see him wasting away the final part of his career on a team like the Bengals knowing what he is capable of at his best.
Just kidding but i could see him doing well in Detroit with stafford and their offense is definitely more dynamic than the Phins. That would probably be a good move for him i mean hes already made millions and won a superbowl hes gotta just be playing for love of the game now. Like always i wish him luck and the best
I bet he ends up somewhere on the west guess, San Diego.

I would take him back here in a heartbeat (imagine Reggie and Sproles on the field at the same time, wow), but we're already too stacked at the position.
He can't come back here. We'd have 2 players wearing 25 and both named Bush.
love his receiving ability in our offense, don't think we replaced him
...and I for one would hate to see him wasting away the final part of his career on a team like the Bengals knowing what he is capable of at his best.

The Bengals have a great WR, a good QB, and a pretty good TE. I don't know if Reggie would waste away there over the next few years. They would be AFC contenders imo.
Bush needs to stay with a team that plays a majority of their games on grass. That really made all the difference where his health is concerned. If I'm the Chargers, Packers, Steelers, or Broncos, I make a legitimate offer on a back that can help my team. Otherwise, I am going to have severe durability concerns.
I actually think he would be a good fit with the Colts.
He'll make Packers offense extra scary or any other high powered offenses. Pats, Packers, Broncos, even Redskins and Seattle.
Packers seriously need to go after Reggie or trade for MJD.

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