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Sep 1, 1999
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Post-injury to Deuce, one big factor would be that Bush was being featured more in the offense and shouldering a bulk of the carries. With the potential shown by Thomas and whether he can earn a greater role on the offense, I wouldn't be shocked if Bush gets worked in more on ST in an effort to find as many ways to get the ball in his hands and give him a chance to make a play. Not saying that'll happen, but if Payton opens up competition at RB in camp and it works out that Thomas emerges, I'm thinking the staff might be more inclined to utilize Bush in a variety of ways.


Nov 3, 2005
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I think the coaching staff at first was limiting his ST touches due to his big contract and the high risk of being a ST player. Then after what happened in Tampa last year they realized he should be touching the ball as many times as possible to be given the opportunity to make a play.But fumbles/muffed punts coupled with his dance moves led the coaching staff to take him out of that role. I believe they wanted to incorporate him into ST again this year; but after Deuce went down, there's no way they would let Reggie, their #1 RB play special teams. Hopefully he gets some touches this year

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