Remi Ayodele and thank you for those at game! (1 Viewer)

May 30, 2007
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Dallas, TX
Two part post:

1. Unsung hero of the defense is Remi Ayodele . His stats may not be impressive but he is around the ball constantly. I know the game ball goes to Sharper but lets not forget about this young man' s contributions.

2. Those at that game really brought it today with the noise. If Sanchez were at home, that Smith strip from behind would have not happened. Sanchez had no way to know Smith was behind him and the crowd did a good job of making sure of that. Game changing play so those that made noise, thanks for doing what i wish i had the opportunity to do.

P.S. Hey you. D bag with your arms folded on a clutch defensive stand. If you do not want to scream for your team then give your ticket to me or to someone else who will. No only are you a waste of space but you make our fan base look bad on T.V. Who Dat!

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