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Sep 1, 1999
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I've noticed more .gifs, memes, one-liners, and insults lately.

Images can have their place, but should be used sparingly, should be relevant to the topic, and avoid the inflammatory memes. This isn't a smack board. Emphasis is on discussion, with people taking the time to express their own views in their own words, and linking to and discussing content that is relevant and informative.

Let's all make an effort to be less insulting. Different opinions add interest and are important in helping to hone our own views. We aren't all able to articulate things the same way, and our beliefs vary, but let's all try a little harder to be patient and considerate.

At the same time, the expectation remains in place that by participating here, you are agreeing to actually discuss your opinions - not just drop talkingpoints, one-liners, take shots at the 'other side' or other members here, and move on. If your primary interest is in being a persistently negative presence, circulating inflammatory political content in the form of faked or antagonistic images, misleading blog posts and email, and other such content, this isn't the right board for you. Share with us who and what you support, and why, and not just who and what you oppose from one discussion to the next.

Religion and politics are intertwined for many people, and we need to be respectful of opposing views along that spectrum (including non-religious). If religious/non-religious thought offends you to the point you can't keep it civil, or you don't think it adds to a discussion, focus on other comments that you do think have relevance. That said, because something is in a religious text isn't going to be a compelling reason for many other people when discussing policy. If you are looking for a comfortable place where your beliefs aren't challenged, this isn't going to be the right board for you; whatever it is that shapes your world view.

I know not everybody wants to aspire to this, but I don't think political differences should mean that we cannot try harder to get along. Let's tone down the rhetoric and insults, and put more effort into debating and discussing the issues.

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