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Apr 21, 2006
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Don't know if this has been brought up before but it kind of hit me who our team reminds me of....The old Joe Montana QB'd 49er's of the 80's.Now I'm not saying that we mirror them technically so much,just the feel of this team.Both had QB's who were considered to be small and have weak arms but exceptionally smart,accurate and a great understanding of the game.Not to mention a feel of absolute confidence in our offense to win today, that I had back then that they would beat us.Both have real good defenses that are slightly overlooked because of the play of the offense,though I would say that our defense has a lot to prove before they're on that level.I would also say that our offense is better than there's was.All those years of watching them beat us and go on to multiple superbowls,maybe its our turn to know how those San Fran fans felt year after year.Well maybe I'm way off base, and ,I have had a few too many beers today.....just saying


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Oct 19, 2000
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NO! I've said for a while now, here a few times and around my friends more than they want to hear, just how Montana-esque Drew plays and that his "leadership intensity" lifts the entire team's spirit and, maybe more importantly, their "expectations" in themselves and each other!
We saw more disappointment exasperation from Drew's one incompletion and inability to successfully complete a drive, playing with a lead, than we saw in aaron brooks with the entire season on the line and he throws an Int. and goes to the bench laughing about it!
Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is YOUR 2009 New Orleans SAINTS and they are 5-0 and have won in various manners and ways that gives allowance to the idea 18-0 isn't out of the question and Winning The SUPERBOWL, much less doing it a way which is so convincing and with such class and confidence they are burying the whole "Aints" era into antiquity. There will be a whole generation of SAINTS FANS who will know nothing more than a "Winning Tradition" built upon the debris piles of Hurricane Katrina. From the arrival of Coach Sean Payton, QB- Drew "Cool" Brees, RB- REGGIE BUSH , the accomplishments of previously unknown players like Lance Moore, Marques Colston, Pierre Thomas along with the addition of wiley Vets Jonathan Vilma, NFL enigma Darren Harper elevating the DB's into the stratosphere where Roman Harper becomes a yearly Pro Bowler !
YES! My friend, this is just the third year of a new Era in SAINTS history where people will ask you if you ever remember the SAINTS losing ?????
Montana-esque! I thnk so, but he needs a coupla rings!

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