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Jul 26, 2015
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A few observations...

1. The cowboys had no running game behind the best o-line in football. Are the RB just getting used to being in Dallas or do the Giants have sneaky good run blocking? We do use our RB more on screens and passes so I think we can expect to see more of that than straight ahead power running. If Dallas couldn't open up running lanes I don't think we can.

2. Dak was doing a lot of checkdown passes with success. Beasley and Witten got a ton of work. I think a big part of that is that they were easing him into his first game but I think we'll see Drew do similar with a few deep shots. I expect a big game from Snead, lots of RB screens and short passes, and we may see Fleener get more involved this week.

3. The Giants RB crew is actually pretty solid. They use their RB in the passing game similarly to how we do and Jennings is better than people give him credit for. We need to do a better job of shutting down the run game this week.

4. Ben Mcadoo needs to shave that mustache. Like, for real...

5. Rodgers-Cromartie did a good job of keeping Dez quiet, but we have more offensive weapons than Dallas. We don't have a Dez type player and shutting down Cooks, Snead, Thomas, or Fleener just leaves the others open. Notice how much work Witten (Fleener) and Beasley (Snead) got when Dez was quiet.

6. We have to have help over the top for OBJ. He's just too good and I'm not even sure that Breaux could handle him 1 on 1. Keep him smothered and take your chances on Sterling Shepherd and the ghost of Victor Cruz with our other CBs and Linebackers.

7. On Dez's almost touchdown they had him matched up with SS Landon Collins, who didn't stand a chance. If they try anything silly like that, you know Brees will take advantage of that matchup. Collins is solid, but I'd put any of our WRs up against him in coverage.

8. Most of the Giants RB runs were straight ahead, and they did quite a few delayed handoffs. Can we handle it?

9. Don't sleep on Cruz. For his first game back in two years he looks more than solid and I think he's got something to prove. Shepherd is dangerous too.

10. If we can get pressure up front we should get a pick or two off of Eli today. He doesn't handle pressure well and threw at least one subject pass last week on somewhat minimal pressure.

11. Elliot finally had a decent run on a jet sweep type play. I'd like to see Cooks hit them with that a few times.

12. We need an experienced corner on OBJ. If a CB gets nervous or scared he's going to grab onto Beckham and we're going to get called for it.

13. Manning got sacked for holding onto the ball too long and the pressure came from the DEs. I think we could see Jordan or Kruger get to him this game, especially if we can figure out how to keep their WRs covered.

14. On a CB blitz from Scanderick, Jennings got overpowered. Not sure if it was just a rough play or if he struggled as a blocker but he was completely overwhelmed. I could see Vacarro making that type of play for a sack.

15. Cowboys swarmed Beckham. Even when he was wide open for a catch, he'd normally have 3-4 guys on him immediately...

Got distracted with my son, but those were my takeaways.. Game time!


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Dec 16, 2004
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The Cowboys don't have the best OL in football. Don't assume that because a rookie couldn't run well, that we won't be able to run. Morris ran for 5 a carry behind the same line last week.

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