Riley Announces Shortened Mardi Gras (1 Viewer)

Mar 25, 2004
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Today New Orleans Police Chief Warren Riley announced a 10-day Mardi Gras parade schedule for 2007, citing safety for a shortened carnival parade season.

A shortened schedule reflects earlier starting times and shortened routes, Riley said.

"We have fewer officers this year. If we had the numbers, we would do a normal Mardi Gras," Riley said.

"We have lost almost 300 officers this year--not since Katrina," Riley said.

Sucks, but they're putting safety first.
Yea, it does stink. I wish we could get some help from BR or other parishes around the State.
I think the problem is, how can we keep our police officers?

300 in a year is a lot to lose. I am more concerned about the crime levels than whether or not Mardi Gras is shortened.
i mardi gras in metry brah.....safer, more family freindly, traffic is far less, etc.
Sorry to hear that.

well i don't do mardi gras day in new orleans...i do go to bacchus and for mardi gras day, there is no need to bring my 3 year old(he will be 4 by then) out to st charles ave for mardi gras's easier in metairie and he doesn't know the difference....
i thought mardi gras last year was pretty damn good. the atmosphere was far different from years past. hopefully we can capture that atmosphere for years to come...

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