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Nov 22, 2005
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First, my disclaimer: Not saying we would have won the game if this call had been made correctly, just stating that it would have swung momentum back to us. Also, not necessarily claiming that the refs had the fix in for us, but boy it seems like we were getting those calls last year, but this year we are not getting any of the calls (holding of Will smith, pass interference of Lance Moore in the end zone in two straight games, etc in previous games)

Now, it was a stunning no-call when Morestead was hit in the prone kicking position and the refs claimed the Seahawk player was blocked into him. Even on replay the announcers were saying ooooh, that should be a penalty. The criticality was that would be 15 yards and a first down and the momentum swings our way. Although the Seahawks did not do anything with that possession, it would have allowed us to wear down their defense a little more. Perhaps we score and go up by even more than we were at the time. But it was clearly obvious, that the way the Saints hung their heads after that play, they felt that they were playing against the refs, the Seahawks and having to overcome the 12th man.

This was text book roughing the kicker and should have been called regardless.

Then in the Colts/Jets game, an almost exactly similar situation occurs. Colts player runs into the Jets kicker was the only difference in the two plays and the call is made against the Colts. Quite disturbing.

I know some will say, they are only human and not every call will get called. I understand and even agree with that on most situations. However, when it is obviously wrong, clearly shown on the point of emphasis in the game and they even state why they are not calling that penalty, I start wondering if something might be a little crooked (conspiracy).
I have no idea how it wasn't called. At the very least that's usually called running into the kicker.

That's the way it's went for us this year though. I'm not saying it was planned or some conspiracy, but we just didn't get a lot of penalties in our favor that seemed pretty cut and dry.
If called, it probably would have been a 5 yard penalty not 15 thus not effecting the game at all.
officiating as whole this year in the NFL, was terribly inconsistent this year, and that's putting in mildly
Would love to get mid-city fan's interpretation of the call, but I agree that looked every bit a penalty. Should have been 15 yards, but at the very least running into. The guy who made the hit was engaged in a block, but he was making an attempt to block the punt when he went through Morestead. Seems cut and dry to me.
We got the calls last year. It was inevitable that we wouldn't get them this year after winning the Lombardi. Atlanta got them this year. You can bet your bank account they won't get them next year either.

That should have been roughing the kicker. 15 yards and a first down.
Game changing aside, I looked at the slo mo and immediately thought torn ACL. I can understand and actually prefer them to leave it if it is brief, coincental contact as running into the kicker calls when a guy's fingernails touch him and he throws himself to the ground really annoy me.

But Morestead kicks it, his leg is standing there exposed taking all of his weight, and the guy's entire body goes right through his knee. It's a textbook call and I don't know how Morestead got up and played on with little problems but a slight limp leaving the field, nevermind how in hell they didn't see it. I don't have a replay to watch, so it would be great if someone could post, but I was 100% certain at the time it was a roughing 15 yard call.
The same reason they called the fumbled pass to the Seahawk receiver an incomplete pass. It was obvious that they weren't pulling out their hankies unless it was blatant. (Which the roughing the kicker was!)
I can't wait to see the recorded version when I get home. They refused to replay it in the stadium. I can only assume that he must have been blocked into the kicker, otherwise it'd be ridiculously bad, and he went down hard enough it should have been the 15 variety as he hit straight into the plant leg.
If called, it probably would have been a 5 yard penalty not 15 thus not effecting the game at all.
wasn't that like a 4th & 3 or 4? even if it is the 5 yard running into the kicker it would have still been a 1st down and the offense comes back on the field. that said... the guy slammed into Morstead's plant leg which would be the 15 yard personal foul roughing the kicker if they hadn't decided to say the guy was blocked into Morstead... which i must say it didn't look like to me.
If called, it probably would have been a 5 yard penalty not 15 thus not effecting the game at all.

Running into the kicker is usually called when there is harmless contact after the kick. On this play I thought for sure Morestead blew his knee out. If you commit to going after the block and come away with no ball contact and knock down the kicker, it's 15 yds.

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