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Jan 3, 2006
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Am I the only one who thinks this call was BS?
It doesn't seem he even touched the kicker, much less run into him.
Looks as if he slid underneath him and the kicker just fell on top of him..

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I thought it was iffy. Certainly not the slam dunk "could have been a personal foul" that village idiot Phil Simms seemed to have seen.
Anyone have that clip? I'd like to see it in slow mo agian.

Also, I thought the head coach wasn't allowed all the way down to where Jim H called time out on that last series. I thought I remember Singletary making a big deal out of that a few years ago when they failed on a forth down play when he said he couldn't see where the ball was spotted because he wasn't allowed that far down the sideline.

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I only saw the replay once, but that's what I thought as well; sliding underneath and the kicker falling on top of him.
BS? no, technically he "ran into the kicker"

It was a soft flag though and we've seen them not thrown before.
I didn't see a replay, but it looked like a dive to me. Akers ended up hurt though, so who knows.
Akers flopped and hurt himself. I did not see physical contact until he fell on the defender.
When you are under the kicker and he lands on you that is running into the kicker. Good call. 5 yard penalty was the right one.

I played it back on my dvr and Ackers started to fall before he was ever touched. The player would definitely rolled into him anyway.
Akers was already falling like he got hit before the guy even got there.
For a second, I thought I was watching the World Cup. That was a flop all the way.

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