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Nov 19, 2004
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Two leagues i need help with.

1st league: I have Michael Turner, Clinton Portis and Tim Hightower. Recently traded Westbrook for Roy Williams. Why? Cause Westbrook isn't fully healthy and probably won't be for the remainder of his career. I needed a WR and was thinking that Roy Williams may step up to be the #1 guy he once was. We'll see. Anyway, with Portis being questionable and the recent downfall of the Colts run defense. Who Do I start with Turner the Burner? Washington is looking like an average to below average team, but Hightower is very off and on. I'm thinking about starting Portis because I feel the Cardinals/Colts game may be a shootout in the air. Input please.

2nd league: I have Adrian Peterson, Thomas Jones, Donald Brown, Marshan Lynch and James Davis. So right off the bat, Lynch isn't happening. Davis is probably going to share carries, but Baltimore isn't going to let a rookie shine on them. Thomas Jones is facing the stout Titans and Donald Brown isn't the featured back in Indy. Of course i'm starting Peterson, hoping San Fran can't adjust to the turf. But i'm torn between D. Brown and T. Jones. I'm thinking the Jets/Titans game will be a trench battle. But I have a feeling the Titans aren't looking to start their year 0-3 and may come out with a W. So if they jump up, i'm unsure if T. Jones will even be a factor. D. Brown, like i stated in my 1st league, may be in the distance with both teams airing it out.

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Dec 3, 2002
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1st League: M. Turner and Hightower..... Portis is more than likely not gonna play from what I am hearing and the offense isnt lighting it up anyhow....

2nd League: AP and Donald Brown..... I went with Donald Brown here because I feel he will have more chances to score than Jones or Davis....

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