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Jul 19, 2001
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Paul Ryan plans to steamroll Democrats with budget tool - POLITICO

“This is our plan for 2017,” Ryan said, waving a copy of his “Better Way” policy agenda. “Much of this you can do through budget reconciliation.” He explained that key pieces are “fiscal in nature,” meaning they can be moved quickly through a budget maneuver that requires a simple majority in the Senate and House. “This is our game plan for 2017,” Ryan said again to the seemingly unconvinced press.

Democrats and progressive advocates are not so skeptical. Terrified might be a better word.

“I’m extremely concerned,” said Harry Stein, director of fiscal policy at the liberal Center for American Progress. “There’s this flawed assumption in the coverage of how this election will matter that either way, we’re just going to have more gridlock. … We just assume that that’s the state of nature. But it’s not.”

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