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Jun 6, 2006
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Hi Mike-- I like your work. Wish to hear you on the Afternoon Blitz sometime on Sirius NFL Radio. I know you have a lot of pots on the stove, but that coupled with a shoutout ot on the drive home would be very cool.

Down to my questions. I believe you mentioned a few months back something to the effect that Fred Thomas is probably a Nickle back at this stage in his career; and that last year we had no choice but to start him. I agree he did well half the time, and in the games that big plays were had on him, half the blame should go to the safeties who were out of position. I have been hearing that the young safeties are still biting hard on play actions and such during training camp and in the process letting people get behind them. Do you think this is an experience issue, or is it simply personel that may never be consistent? Is it a problem with communication or a breakdown in fundamentals? Will it be fixed or at least be at a comfort level by Season's start or by the Playoff's?

Why are all 53 men on the roster not allowed to dress for a game? Will there be a change in how many practice squad players we can keep with a now defunct NFL Europe? Do you see that 53 man roster # increasing over the next few years?

I understand we had a read and react defense that picked opportune times to blitz, but for the most part relied on the front four for pressure keeping everyone else in position to make a play if it came their way. With the new additions and a year in the scheme, do you see more blitzes and more creativity on defense much like the innovations on offense? Do we have the talent to do much more? Thanks Mike, from PJ in Branch LA.

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