Saintman's Ode to the EE board (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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I hope you do enjoy it, I think Jib Jab had a good part in me making this decision, so here goes.

With Bulldawg in Iraq, and some people saying Obama's wife used to be on crack,
its hard to find out where the truth really is these days.
but I can tell you their a place you can go, that has a index finger pointed right at you.

Where is it???

Its the EE board, Well Pure Energy likes Mccain, and Reb Saint thinks George Bush is insane
blackadder is not going to be economically inane, is that a real lastng pain?

But its what we like and if you dont like it take a hike, becuase its at the EE board.

Tulsa wants civility, and I want some credibility so I wont have to be laughed at any more
But I cant talk right and people seem to be uptight.

when we dont ***** and fight.

ITs the EE board and even important more you can pour some more insults on the board
becuase we like controversy.
Mississippi burning and Saintman's still learning and Dadsdream is always discerning

Is it really so annoying?
No, its all fun at the EE board.

Religion sucks up to Taurus luck and their are discussions on it that dont suck
but people talk about dead dinosaurs and some dreaded pot luck.

so if you have the time and you want talk about serious crimes.
its all at the EE board.

Who cant miss it?


Stop Resisting!
Mar 10, 2005
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bestest story on all teh internetz

I never make a saintman post...

and I am often thankful while I enjoy the wonderfully intoxicating taste of a bayou bomb make with abita rootbeer.

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