Saints 17 Broncos 0: 2nd half game thread (1 Viewer)



The New Orleans Saints win the toss and defer. The Denver Broncos start at the 25. Short rush for 2. From the wildcat the Broncos pick up the 1st and more. The Broncos QB does his best Taysom Hill impression and picks up 3. They rush for 4 more. 3rd and 3. Under pressure the emergency QB is forced to throw it away. Broncos punt.

Saints start at the 20. Latavius Murray rushes for 4. Alvin Kamara picks up the 1st. Taysom throws incomplete. Forced out of the pocket Taysom picks up 3. 3rd and 7.

Delay of game makes it 3rd and 12. Hill is sacked. Saints punt.

Broncos start at the 38. Cam...

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