Saints 2006 playoff win over the Eagles (1 Viewer)


Jan 10, 2014
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Santa Cruz, Ca
Its the off-season and its the covid-season. Despite normally being in a football holding pattern, this shelter at home advisory has intensified the need for gridiron violence. Classic Saints games like the DomeComing and the Brees' milestones are being aired. It's almost enough to satisfy the palette while you pittle around the house and learn that not all your base boards are the same.

Those games are great, but there is a game that is entirely on youtube from 2006. The game that put all that DB and Reggie hype to the test. In all its 480p glory, the 2006 Saints vs Eagles game is on youtube and quite honestly, its THE game where our young cats first put their names to the test. It was the single most important game (imo) to our 2009 success.

Regardless what you think, there is no doubt, this is the game that finally, legitimately, put the Saints in the orbital champion sphere.

Reggie Bush and Deuce...

Young Drew Brees...

Devery freaking Henderson was our #1

Colston as a Rookie...

Watching Drew walk out at the 4:30 mark gives me chills... NOBODY knew the greatness that was about to unfold.
I remember us being down 8 points and still be very confident we would find a way.

I also really enjoyed the Saints Eagles regular season game that year. Our first offensive drive was a thing of beauty. Then our clock management at the end was absolutely special. We had like a 8 minute drive that ended with 3 kneel downs and a short field goal.
It shows what we can do with a good rushing offense. Dooooooooose!
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Had forgotten how close we came to losing that game. The fumbled pitch to Reggie with about 3 min remaining. The "false start" penalty on Philly on their attempted 4th down conversion which negated the pass to Baskett. Yikes!
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I was at the game with Alex, we were doing a Hammer & Nails project in the 9th Ward. I'm sure several members remember helping there,, Slayem for one comes to mind.
I'll always remember that one. The Deuce McAllister show!

He said after the game he never wanted to look back and think that he could have possibly done any more to help his team win. I think he succeeded in showing everyone what he was about as a person and a player.

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