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Feb 20, 2007
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Old Metairie, La
I braved the 34 degree weather this morning with about 3 or 4 hundred fans to greet our victorious Saints. They touched down at about 2:25 am and quickly exited the area in about 35 minutes lol. Most of them had their windows rolled up when they passed me, but they might have said hello to the fans standing on the road past where I was. I snapped a few pics of the cars, but none of them stopped long enough for a good pic. Jeremy Shockey rolled down his window to scrape the frost from his windshield and the fans went crazy lol. He conversed with them for a bit then rolled the window back up. Most of the players and coaches just looked like they were bum-tired and wanted to get home.
Here are the few pics I got


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It's great that fans went out at that time of the night in the cold temperatures.

BEST fans in the world!
thanks to everyone who went out. I wish I could have gone. Although they were tired, you have to think that after a good night's sleep they thought about how cold and how late it was and it meant something to them to have you all out there to welcome them home.

I have often wondered if other teams have fans that do this in such large numbers at that time of night. I think about the two people who reportedly showed up to welcome the colts back after the Super Bowl. Then, I think, no, we definitely have the best fans anywhere! Thanks for going and thanks for sharing with us!
I bet those guys were dog mess tired when they got back. They left their guts on that field. Better to be tired after a victory and have to fly/drive home than to be tired after a loss and be in your own city.....we all know who to ask about that. :hihi:

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