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Aug 27, 2018
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Baton Rouge
Welp the year is over so I like to see how some of our guys did. I like to use the data over at which is what Brett Kollmann recommends.

Sacks are nice but I prefer to look at Pressure rate. Since Sacks are so low volume they can easily fluctuate. Pressures and particular pressure rate is what interest me. Here are our guys rankings in Pressure rate among all DE, DT and LBs with at least 200 rushes (163 players qualify).

Pressure Rate Rankings DT-DE-LB (min 200 rushes)
#3 Trey Hendrikson (16.7)
#27 Marcus Davenport (11.6)
#33 David Onyemata (11.1)
#47 Cam Jordan (9.8)
#75 Sheldon Rankins (8.5)

- This further supports Hendricksons amazing year. He was second only to Markus Golden and T.J. Watt.
- Davenport continues a nice run of pressure rate since he's been in the league. His volume is fairly low again but what really stands out was the crazy low Sack/Pressure rate. One of the worst in the league. That hasn't been a trend though, more than likely an outlier.
- Onyemata had a stellar year for a DT. He was 3rd among DTs to only Chris Jones and Aaron Donald. He lived up to that payday big time.
- Jordan had a down year particularly a very poor start to the year. He did rebound on the back half of the season. Still he rounds out a top 4 group that can only be rivaled by the Steelers top 4
- Rankins wasn't too bad for a year where he struggled to get his form back. He was 12th among 58 qualifying DTs.
All in all our pass rushers performed great. 5 in the top 75 among 163 qualifiers.
** If you drop the minimum rushes to 100, Demario Davis led the league with an astounding 27.2% pressure rate.

D-line performance also means run defense of course. For this, I look at tackles per run snap. Similar to sacks, a TFL is nice but the low volume is flukey. Besides, a tackle by a d-line player is typically going to be a successful play, even if it's 1 yard past the line of scrimmage.

I'd like to include LBs in this because there are quite a few 3-4 LBs that are practically DEs. 25 LBs qualified for the 200+ pass rushes which suggests they play near the LoS. The problem is there isn't a good way to sparse out the traditional LBs. They would skew things because traditional LB will average around 5 yards per tackle while a D-lineman will be closer to 2 yards per tackle. Their tackles aren't equivalent.

The qualifier here will be 120 run snaps. This was based on the league run/pass ratio (~150 run to 200 pass) but I also wanted to include Davenport and Brown so dropped it a bit (179 DEs and DTs qualify)

Tackle Rate Rankings DT-DE (min 120 run snaps)
#12 David Onyemata (21.2)
#21 Malcolm Brown (19.4)
#39 Marcus Davenport (17.5)
#40 Cameron Jordan (17.4)
#42 Shy Tuttle (17.4)
#116 Trey Hendrickson (12.7)
#126 Sheldon Rankins (12.3)

- DTs do well in this category. Our DTs are no exception. Onyemata shines again with the 5th best tackle rate among DTs. You could make a case for him having the most complete season of any DT. (Donald was 39th and Jones was 54th)
- Brown shows his worth here as the 9th best DT. Him and Onyemata teamed up to easily make the best tackling DT duo in the league
- Again not the greatest season from Jordan but he had a better season against the run. Him and Davenport were 21st and 22nd among DEs.
- Nice to see Tuttle show up here. He was 20th among DTs. It's nice to have 3 DTs in the top 32.
- Hendrickson is now known for his pass rush. He didn't show up great here. He was 59th among DEs but still in the top 64 so nothing devastatingly bad.
- Not a great year for Rankins either. Still, he too still showed up in the top 64 DTs at 63. He definitely needs to be better there though.

Of course, this isn't a perfect stat. A D-lineman can do his job perfectly and the LB can fill the hole. It just shows who is getting off their blocks and making plays. If your guys are doing their job I would expect the LBs will have a lower depth of tackle than most. Among LBs with at least 75 tackles, Demario Davis had the lowest at 2.9 yards per tackle on 116 tackles.

Demario is a beast yall.
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Fleur de LEE
Dec 21, 2006
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Youngsville, LA
this is what i thought the thread was going to be about - maybe a milk carton with the dline on it
not sure what the difference was between the last bucs game and this, but it's stark
i figured having trey back theyd dominate brady.

disappointed, but the loss wasnt as "heartbreaking" as the previous 3 years. more disappointed for brees in what is likely his last season

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