Saints' Early Over-Under Win Total is 7.5--Anyone Surprised (2 Viewers)

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Yes, with the draft, things can change a tad. But at the moment, the Saints' over-under win number in 2024 is 7.5 games. Two other teams have a 7.5 number--Seattle and Washington. The latter may be playing a rookie quarterback. Twenty-one teams have a higher over-under number.

At this time, the 7.5 number seems on the mark. I would not touch making a bet either way. I think we will win seven or eight games.
So, are you saying you are optimistic that we'll hit the over? If so, why?
I'm not confident of anything. I'm just saying betting lines are an educated guess. We were pretty injury ridden last season and won 9 games. In theory, the offense should take a step forward even if that's just by way of a better run game and/or offensive line play. Despite what all the doom and gloomers would tell you, there are reasons for optimism.
Take the over. The Saints will lose a lot early, but the entire organization will rally in order to save their jobs. Look for 8-9 wins.
That sounds about fair. I have us ending the season at 6-11 mainly because of OL problems and strength of schedule.
I think 6 games is possible but believe we will be closer to 8. Hopefully we can make some improvements on the OL before week 1. As for strength of schedule, we literally have the easiest strength of schedule (technically tied with Atlanta) again this year.
All DA needs is an offensive Coordinator who can take 100% control of the offense, Pete only had about 60% because he did not know how to control an offense.
Much like CSP needed a defensive Coordinator who had 100% control of the defense since it was not his forte’. As long as DA does not have to lift a finger offensively and concentrate on balling our defense out we will win 10 games minimum!

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