Saints extend Taysom Hill (1 Viewer)

Will lower his 2020 cap number to help sign Jameis. Wonder what his 2021 number will be. Might give us insight into him truly being Drew’s successor.
I feel like there has to be some movement now to free up some cap?
This is that movement. I'm curious to see whether this added year is an actual year we can expect to have Taysom under contract, or just a dummy year for cap purposes. Schefter's comments imply the former, but it's unclear whether that's simply his reaction after hearing that it's a "two-year deal," or that he's actually heard that from our camp.
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Payton is working this to perfection.

If Taysom is our starter in 2021: we now have his rights AND he's not breaking the bank.

If we decide to look elsewhere at QB: we have Taysom's rights AND he's not breaking the bank.

Love it.
I really thought he’d wait until next year to sign an extension because if he truly becomes the starter next year, he should get more than I would expect him to get right now. Maybe they’re doing this with the promise of a of a pay bump if he becomes the starting QB. I’m very interested in hearing the terms of this deal.


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