N/S Saints' fans playoff fave Adrian Peterson to box Le'Veon Bell. What??!!??? (1 Viewer)


Apr 20, 2008
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Las Vegas
Wouldn't it be something if someone on SR challenged some posters to a boxing match or maybe a best 2 out-of-three "argument clinic" Monty Python parody contests where the winner gets the majority of gate receipts and the loser gets what's remaining. The argument clinic/debate will be centered around a variety of "hot-button", socio-political issues and if the winner or both contestants wish too, they can donate whatever they've earned to any specific charity they choose.

It would be a good, better, constructive way of redirecting a lot of pent-up energy, frustration, extreme focus, and partisan bickering that I've noticed among many Americans the past 5-10 years. And all for a good cause(s) to donate to if one wished or decided too. Make it creative, innovative, envigorating, instead of angry or potentially destructive emotions.
I'll be the coach !
I taught kids boxing while I was in school, well... teenagers šŸ˜…
Who am I kidding, a decent chuck of you could probably take me on anyways.
I'm pretty soft nowadays šŸ˜”

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