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Dec 17, 2018
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I always maintained that the hardest road for the Saints would be playing dallas and then having to play Chicago and that the easiest road would be playing eagles then the rams in the championship game. Even though we would beat Chicago and Dallas, we may be bruised and battered coming out of those games given the physicality of those two teams that we may lose in the super bowl to an inferior team, and yes, all the afc teams are inferior to us. NFL network last night showed the Rams and Saints game and I was taken aback how different and better the Rams played back then compared to how they have looked in their last five games or so. I will be rooting hard for the Rams but I will be shocked if they win so I am keeping my fingers crossed. We would dominate the Rams in a rematch and win by at least a few tds since when we played them before at their very best, we still beat them by 10. The last five games, Goff has looked atrocious with five tds with five ints with a bunch of lost fumbles, ranked 27th among all qbs in the last five games. They got destroyed by both the Eagles and Chicago and Gurley had 28 yards rushing against Chicago and like 48 against the Eagles. The loss of Cooper really has hurt the Rams and against good defenses, Goth becomes a terrible qb and seems to really panick when under pressure. Also, they won't have a homefield advantage. At the best, it is a 50/50 crowd, but most likely 60/40 or 70/30 for Dallas as like when they played Green Bay. The only thing that prevented the rams from going 0-5 their last five games was that their last two were against the two worst teams in football, cardinals and 49ers. My heart says the Rams will win but my mind says rationally Dallas will win and I have no idea how they will stop zeke given their porous rush defense, but we can only hope. I know we all want the revenge match game against the Cowgirls, but our focus should be solely the easiest road to the SB, and that is clearly playing the Rams. No finesse team is going to come into the Dome and hang with us.


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Apr 30, 2002
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Nope, no more.. I don't want any more of what you're pushing.

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